Jul 26, 2010
A Trip Through Timestep
DNS Project feat Johanna - Timestep (Vocal Mix) [AVA]
DNS Project feat Johanna - Timestep (George Acosta Vocal Mix) [AVA]

I think vocal trance is the most difficult genre to impress me in. Vocal trance (along with Satisfaction, the grandfather electro-house track) is what made me fall in love with EDM, so the bar is certainly set high for new songs. In my opinion, The Standard=Oceanlab. It can be difficult to reach the “Oceanlab Standard” as we will call it. I’m sure many of you fans out there will agree.

This track has done a good job of attaining that level of quality. Estonian producer DNS Project has teamed up with vocalist Johanna–a preferred vocalist of his–to create Timestep, a soundscape of techy synths in the drop coupled with beautiful vocals and cathartic lyrics. Where did I find this gem, you ask? A State Of Trance, still the most consistent of the progressive/trance podcasts in my opinion. Can someone please tell Armin to make the podcasts the same length as the radio show, though? Anyhow, I digress… this is the first vocal trance track to impress me since Proto’s Seize The Moment discovery, which is saying something. I’ve also included the George Acosta Vocal Mix, which is sure to slap you across the face with some electrotrance madness at the 4:36 drop. Does that remind anyone else a little bit of Bangduck? Tell me what ya think of the track!

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