Sep 18, 2014
‘Sleepless’ From A-Trak’s Cazzette Remix
Cazzette - Sleepless (A-Trak Remix) [ICONS]

No amount of NyQuil could stop you from getting down to A-Trak’s insomnia-inducing remix of Cazzette’s Sleepless.

A-Trak’s eclectic tastes find him exploring a diverse range of audio experiments on the sonic spectrum, so it’s always a surprise to hear which producer has come to play whenever he releases a new remix. His take on Sleepless strays from the bassy, Low Pros-styled bangers and leans more towards the dance-flavored house sound from his Duck Sauce collaboration. The Canadian producer builds off the irresistible grooves from Cazzette’s original mix, but adds in his own arrangement of electrifying drops and energized bursts of electro house melodies.

A-Trak’s Sleepless remix comes as part of a new compilation EP from Cazzette, featuring additional remixes from Sneaker Snob and Indaba Winner Othello. You can download it over on Beatport here from ICONS.

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