Nov 25, 2014
‘Push’ On With A-Trak’s Latest EP
A-Trak feat. Andrew Wyatt - Push [Fool's Gold]
A-Trak feat. Andrew Wyatt - Push (Shash-U Remix) [Fool's Gold]
A-Trak feat. Andrew Wyatt - Push (Cazzette Remix) [Fool's Gold]
A-Trak feat. Andrew Wyatt - Push (DallasK Remix) [Fool's Gold]

A-Trak, one of electronic music’s favorite activists, teamed up with Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow for his latest EP. If you were worried about gaining a couple extra pounds this holiday season, Push is equal parts funky and equal parts pop to help dance off the weight.

The track opens with dominant piano chords instantly synonymous with Miike Snow’s style, but A-Trak quickly mixes in his own funky beats to make this track a perfect representation of these two artists’ flair. There are no shortage of catchy lyric phrases, and Andrew Wyatt proves to be the perfect vocal carrier for this energetic track.

Included on the EP are remixes by The Chainsmokers, GANZ, Cazzette, DallasK, Shash-u, and others. Each remix takes the original in a unique direction, but underrated in the bunch is the remix from Shash-u, who hails from A-Trak’s Canadian homeland. The remix favors an ominous synth line over the piano chord progressions of the original to give it a retro spin.

A-Trak continues to bend the rules of the electro-house formula to produce catchy hit after catchy hit. Push marks the beginning of a new wave of solo material from the DJ/producer, but it will undoubtedly carry his same class and devotion to the craft.

The full EP is available now on iTunes.

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