Feb 12, 2011
A-Trak @ Lavo NY
A-Trak & Drake & Birdman - Loonies To Blow

Our New York escapades once again brought us to spot of the moment Lavo, this time to see a DJ who is well-respected across a wide variety of genres: A-Trak. Last night was the opening night of New York’s Fashion Week, so the beautiful and glamorous were out in droves for this momentous occasion.

One thing I have noticed about Lavo is that DJs alter their normal set styles a bit when playing here toward a more house-y electro-y sound, which isn’t surprising given those genres’ current mass popularity. Think lots of Avicii and Afrojack-esque tracks. This was even more apparent with A-Trak who normally throws in a bigger amalgamation of genres into his mixes, but sensing that the crowd was probably leaning more toward the house-y sound, he stayed closer to that arena. Crowd reaction was great as was track selection. I look forward to seeing A-Trak spin a set closer to his original style, though.

As Lavo’s name grows larger, so are the names of the DJs they are booking. I personally am on edge for them to release their next round of acts, as it is sure to be spectacular.

Photo Credit: Kirillwashere.com

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