Aug 08, 2010
A-Trak: Infinity + 1
Donnis - Party Works (Original Mix)
The Golden Filter - Solid Gold (Original Mix) [Dummy]
Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) [DashGo]

Have you ever heard something so good that it just made your week? Well that just happened to me a couple of nights ago when I listened to A-Trak’s Infinity + 1 mixtape. Although it was released March of 2009, I had not listened to it until now. I was absolutely blown away by it on my first play through – it’s got loads of personality. It’s so good it makes me want to do a flip out of a window and into a pool filled with jelly. And then I want to climb out of the pool and go base jumping from Mt. Everest (…you get the idea, I like it a lot). This mixtape is cool, funky, and above all FRESH! You know those York Peppermint Patty commercials where they take a bite out of it and they get teleported to the top of a mountain because it’s so fresh? Well that’s what happened to me. Except I didn’t bite into a York Peppermint Patty, I pressed a play button, and I didn’t get transported to the top of a mountain, I entered a dimension filled with dazzling sound and imagination. Yeah…that’s how impressed I was by this mixtape.

A-Trak kicks it off with an invitation to “come in.” Little did I know that once I entered I’d entered I’d never want to leave. John Dahlback’s Sidewalk playfully draws you into what A-Trak has in store, almost luring you in with a candy trail of music. Flash forward a couple of tracks and things get a little funkier with tracks like The Crow and A-Trak’s remix of MSTRKRFT’s party anthem, Bounce. But the real kicker for me, the thing that really started the party was Donnis’ bangin track, Party Works. It’s a krunk beat mixed with move-your-booty lyrics that really gets you pumped. Later on, Solid Gold really stood out to me. Sexy lyrics coupled with a disco beat reminded me of the stuff my parents listened to back in the day with a modern-day twist. And finally, listeners will enjoy Fake Blood’s remix of Stuck on Repeat during the latter half of the mixtape.

I could go on all day about how great this mixtape is…but to really do it justice you need to listen to it yourself. Even if you’re an EDM noob, you can still appreciate this. That’s the beauty of this album – anyone can enjoyably listen to it; from the amateur listener all the way up to the highest of EDM snobs. There’s sure to be many tracks in here that you will love. Before this, Anjunabeats 8 got my vote for compilation of the year, but Infinity + 1 sure is giving it a run for its money. Listen and enjoy!