Dec 28, 2010
A-Trak Gets Funky
Robyn - Indestructible (A-Trak Remix) [Konichiwa]

Leave it to a talented musician like A-Trak to take an already phenomenal track, give it his own spin, and come out with an entirely different-sounding song. Laidback Luke’s remix of Indestructible by Robyn was previously posted on our interview with him, and in this version the electro has been replaced with a healthy dose of disco-funk. Parts of this song even sound downright 80’s, but with a fresh 2010-production twist. We’ve got to hand it to the man–he has really demonstrated his versatility and unique sound over and over again. This track is no exception.

From within the first few seconds of the song we’re set in motion along a much different musical path than we were used to. Perhaps most interesting is the use of strings and an extremely minimal bassline during the vocal chorus, followed up by a short orchestral section before going straight back into the driving guitar riff. 3:34 marks the beginning of another highlight of the track, where the string elements are overlaid by another higher-pitched, almost 8-bit synth. It all comes together quite well.

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