Feb 18, 2011
A Touching Message
Arnej feat Sally Saifi - Free Of You (Vocal Mix) [Arnej Music]
Arnej feat Sally Saifi - Free Of You (8 Wonders Mix) [Arnej Music]

Toronto’s own trance prodigy Arnej Secerkadic has found himself at a new forefront in his career after announcing the launch of his own label, Arnej Music. To kick things off, he teams with Montréal-based vocalist Sally Saifi on the label’s highly anticipated first release, Free Of You.

Sally gives an emotionally charged performance in Free Of You, which is the follow up to Arnej’s 2008 vocal hit Strangers We’ve Become. Her lyrics carry a touching message, one many of us have felt and can relate to. Arnej provides us with two renditions on the instrumental side as well as their slightly more melodic dub counterparts. The original vocal mix uses a minimalist approach, allowing us listeners to sync with Sally’s vocals. On the 8 Wonders mix, Arnej pumps out that big-room sound with an edgy bassline and an uplifting progression toward the end of the track.

Free Of You is more than just a first release, it’s a harbinger of great things to come. Join me in a congratulatory toast to our Canadian friend.

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