Dec 03, 2011
A Tip of the Hat
Tipper - Lumpy Haggis [Tippermusic]
Tipper - Bubble Control [Tippermusic]

Tipper is a name synonymous with the glitch hop scene. I can’t have a discussion about the genre with a legitimate glitch hop enthusiast without hearing, “have you heard Tipper?” or “do you like Tipper?” I do. I really do. His funky stylings do me right, but hey, that’s why we listen to the music we love. Bubble Control is a sweet EP because its no different. It’s a man who’s good at doing what he does. And it’s sooooo good.

Lumpy Haggis sets Bubble Control off right with a funky bassline and a little bit of Inspector Gadget love. I almost want to skip to this song. Like up the street, or down it. It doesn’t really matter, as long as I’m skipping. Skip to Bubble Control itself: so bubbly, with that frantic drumstep aura about it… and then the drop. Tipper doesn’t just control bubbles–this guy’s got the entire electronic scene under his thumb. Serious talent deserves serious respect. Check it out, show Tipper some love.

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