Sep 13, 2011
A Star Passes
DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit) [Ed Banger]
Ghostface Killah feat Mapei - Charlie Brown (DJ Mehdi Remix) [Scion Audio/Visual]
DJ Mehdi - Be Blessed, Be Back (Original Mix) [Ed Banger]

The EDM world is in mourning today as the death of the legendary Mehdi Favéris-Essadi aka DJ Mehdi shocked social media outlets this afternoon. Although still young, Mehdi was a true veteran of his craft, first introducing himself to the French underground hip-hop scene in the mid-90s and then settling down with the legendary Ed Banger records with close friend and label founder Pedro Winter. I know that for many LT3ers it was his 2007 track Signatune that boosted their passion for EDM into the levels of obsession.

I had the opportunity to see DJ Mehdi at the first annual Electric Zoo and not only did his set standout in terms of quality, but you could tell that he was truly loving being on stage playing tunes for us, New York, and the world in general. He represented a love for music that wasn’t found in the shock value of a bassline, or the epicness of a piano buildup, but one that could only be found through a lifetime of give and take with beats, rhythm, and harmony. It’s devastating to see such a kind-hearted talent pass, but in a sense warming to know that he made such an impact on so many people. RIP DJ Mehdi, in our <3s you’ll always be.

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