Dec 15, 2012
A Song For A Tragedy
Serotonin & Roe Dee feat Alicia McDermott - Just Breathe (Original Mix)
Serotonin & Cherry City - Shiva (Original Mix)
Linnea Schossow - Someone Like You (Serotonin Remix)

In condolence of the horrendous tragedy yesterday in Connecticut, Serotonin just released his sorrowful tune Just Breathe, which features former member Roe Dee and singer/songwriter Alicia McDermott. The gentler, R&B-style production dives into the painful emotions of loss through its lyrics and also offers words of encouragement. You can download the track here off his SoundCloud.

Hailing from Chicago, Serotonin has busted out a few banging tracks this year like his powerful collab with Cherry City, Shiva (free download here). This beast slams its percussion down hard; the sheer strength of its drops makes it a stand-out tune in any set. Drawing inspiration from the trance scene as well, he came out with a transformative remix of Linnea Schossow’s Someone Like You, (free download here) which works with the original’s depth and atmosphere while exploring the deeper side of trap.

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