Oct 11, 2012
A Shot Of Java
Sebastian Brandt - Java (Original Mix) [Ncore]
Sebastian Brandt - Java (Chris Metcalfe Remix) [Ncore]

Who brought the caffeine to this single? Swedish producer Sebastian Brandt has long been a staple of uplifting trance, and with Java on Onova’s ambitious new label Ncore, he proves that the association continues unbroken.

The original mix of Java is a peppy-sounding uplifter that ticks off all the boxes in the list of uplifting track characteristics—wordless melismatic vocal sample, piano break, sweeping melodic lead—but delivers them with such style and energy that it’s hard to begrudge the stereotypes. Chris Metcalfe’s remix doesn’t add much in the way of style changes to an already-high-flying track, but it inserts a smaller break early on in the track that changes the pacing in an interesting way. Hold the coffee– this single could easily jolt your mood on its own.

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