Sep 17, 2010
A Shifted Awakening
NiT GriT - Grit Shifter (Original Mix) [Simplify]
NiT GriT - The Awakening (Original Mix) [Simplify]

2010 was a big year for dubstep, with the style finally starting to take foothold in America, as well as there being an upsurge in exclusively dubstep producers. One man that’s been receiving a lot of exposure is San Jose-based producer NiT GriT (Danny Beall). Beall has quite the following on SoundCloud; with over 50,000 views on his most popular songs and over 30 tracks uploaded for listening, he must be doing something right.

Beall’s newest EP, The Awakening, features quite an array of dubstep-infused melodic tones. The title track offers a smooth, clean breakdown that provides a cushion for the more tech-heavy ending. Arguably, the best track on this EP has to be Grit Shifter. Its dreamlike intro sets a nice pace for the diabolical entrance of the main beat, all while maintaining a tamed version of that grimy dubstep aura.

Dubstep beats like this are hard to come by, and it looks like NiT GriT is spinning them out like it’s nothing. Visit his SoundCloud account and be sure to listen to his other tracks. It’s practically guaranteed you won’t regret giving this up-and-comer a listen to.

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