Aug 31, 2012
A Ride In The Sky
Blend & EcueD - Hot Air Balloons (Original Mix) [Neuroscience]
Blend & EcueD - Hot Air Balloons (Kobana Remix) [Neuroscience]

Neuroscience Deep has caught my attention; their release of posh beats and forward-thinking melodies have put them on the top of my list for progressive house. The label recently reached their milestone 100th release with the Hot Air Balloons EP from Blend & EcueD. The release is a melodic journey brought to life by the duo, tinted ever so slightly with warm overtones prevalent on much of the label’s records.

Hot Air Balloons undoubtedly takes its influence from the grandness of the blue sky. You may find yourself daydreaming of a majestic ride through a country side, brought to you by shimmering, building melodies and hopeful chords. The posh snares and kicks build upon the skyward steps and make it club appropriate, while still retaining its potential to be dropped at an outdoor festival. I also love the Kobana remix. He progresses through his remix very patiently–almost like listening to a small opera. All of the warmth and depth is retained from the original, keeping true to the label’s overall message.

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