Sep 04, 2010
A Remix Master
Vascotia - Verano 2010 (Sean Tyas Remix) [Enhanced]

Although born in New York, now Switzerland based DJ/Producer Sean Tyas relentlessly continues to dish out astonishing remixes!! This year has been all about a retro trance revival for him, bringing back classics like Tiesto’s Suburban Train, 4 Strings’ Daytime and now Vascotia’s beautiful Verano. I’ve been hooked on thios tune since Sean unveiled it back in late 2009 on his emerging weekly radio show Tytanium Sessions (which is one of my personal favs).

Back in 2005, a young trance duo from Norway known as Vascotia released the original Verano. A very short time later, it had grown to be a genuine tune of its time. Now in 2010, current star Sean Tyas wipes the dust off this classic for his own tech-trance rendition. In classic Tyas fashion, he magnificantly amplifies the energy of Verano. You will see his trademark hard kicking bassline as well as a beautiful array of tech synths to fuel that uplifting melody. The result? A full-on POWER HOUR demon-child that will obliterate dancefloors everywhere.

Sean’s remix of Verano is a shear display of production mastery. Tyas breathes life into a memorable tune and transforms it into a real stomper & giving Verano a second life with an edge. These days Sean Tyas is an amazingly complete package of DJ/ Producer that is worth keeping an eye on. His skills stretch beyond the surface as we’ve seen him branch out to different styles and genres throughout his career. Checkout his recent bootleg rework of Afrojack’s Pacha On Acid.

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