Sep 20, 2010
A Pioneer Revives A Smash
Rodney Bakerr pres. Kenny K Collins - Beat My House (Original Mix) [Defected]

Well I am happy to report that the flawless & LessThan3 party at the Rivington Hotel last night was a huge success. The crowd was vibrant and full of energy, the drinks were on point, and most importantly, the music was top-notch. The DJs of the crew at the party that impressed me the most were definitely Hot Natured, who spun an amazing set toward the end of the night that really got the people moving. I, as usual, had a moment when I ran to the DJs to find out what crazy track they just dropped during Hot Natured’s set. This, my friends, is that track.

Beat My House was originally released in 1987 by Chicago house pioneer Rodney Bakerr, who, among other things, wrote the original drum machine patterns for the Roland Synthesizer Company, maker of the legendary TR808 and TR909 drum machines. So basically, he has had an indirect influence on pretty much every house track ever. No big deal. But I digress–this track is a delicious combination of some pretty basic rhythmic patterns that all come together in a way that really gets your hips moving. Perhaps the most noticeable element is the acoustic bass that percolates at the bottom of the track, a Bakerr-ism as he was one of the earliest, if not the earliest, house producers to incorporate acoustic instrumentation.

Released again in 2009 with a new moniker and a bit of modern polish on it, this track is a testament to the timelessness of a good track; come up with a hot groove and you could have many a generation moving to your beats. Congratulations, Rodney; you certainly made a hit.

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