Nov 28, 2010
A Night To Rewind
Digitalism - Blitz [Kitsune]
Digitalism - Magnets [Kitsune]
Digitalism - ZDRLT (Rewind) [Kitsune]

Digitalism is a unique group with a sound all their own, combining electro-guitar synths with upbeat sounds to churn out tune after tune. Their most recent EP features one of the tracks on this post, Blitz, which is a high-energy, feel good piece of music that for some reason reminds me very strongly of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic. Hit up the comments if you know what I mean. Anyway–the title Blitz is extremely appropriate given the sort of structure of this track. We get slightly muted portions just before BLITZ!– a complete onslaught of melody and beats. It’s a fun track that you probably wont hear too much of live, so consider this an opportunity to get exposed to this duo and an invitation to further explore their music.

Actually, I’ll aid you with that task right now by adding two more absolutely incredible tracks by these two. Magnets is the first of their songs I ever heard. As I’m sure you will agree after listening, it’s just not possible to stop there. Luckily there are many other gems to discover, including ZDRLT (Rewind), which is another track that belongs in any EDM lover’s collection. Diggin’ the music? Hit that little heart at the footer of this post and/or leave a comment!

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