Jul 12, 2010
A New Visit to Tom’s Diner
Bingo Players - Tom's Diner (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]

Suzanne Vega is a famous American singer-songwriter who became most well-known for her track Tom’s Diner, which was first a folk hit and later a dance hit when remixed by DNA in 1990. The vocals that she does in this track are highly recognizable, which is always a good reason to use them as a sample in a remix.

You may have heard of Dutch house DJ/production duo Bingo Players from their massive club hit single Devotion. Their mastery of combining vocal house with phat electro beats is unparalleled in the current genre of house music and this track is no exception. Thundering bass beats coupled with a spliced vocal sample make for a highly energetic, crowd-pleasing hit that is difficult not to love.

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