Apr 11, 2012
A New Season For Millions Like Us
Millions Like Us - Equinox (Original Mix) [DStyle]
Millions Like Us - Rise Of The Rebels (Original Mix) [DStyle]
Millions Like Us - Illuminate (Original Mix) [DStyle]

One of Bristol’s hottest dubstep acts of the moment just dropped a fat new EP, titled Equinox. Millions Like Us have upped the ante in their latest installment of trance-sounding dubstep with a collection of four tracks that are absolutely intergalactic. If you are a fan of intense synth lines and groovy grime, this one is a sure buy.

The title track kicks things off as Equinox‘ crowning jewel. Wave-like synths are all the rage right now, with acts like Knife Party leading the way. Millions Like Us pull off the sound very well, slowing things down and taking them to a tempo you can bite your lip to. Absolutely sick buildups too–just take a listen to see what I mean. For some bangin’ electro in the same vein, check out Rise Of The Rebels. Every sample is so fresh and clean with it’s sound; you can’t deny it’s potential to kill on the dance floor. The last track I’ll leave you is an epic drum’n’bass track named Illuminate. Again, fresh future drum’n’bass sound right here. Play at your own risk.

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