Sep 23, 2012
A Heavyweight Tune From Lorn
Lorn - Weigh Me Down (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]
Lorn - Weigh Me Down (Mono/Poly Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Lorn - Diamond (Dolor Remix) [Ninja Tune]

Ninja Tune has never been short on delivering deep, intellectual music filled with emotional motifs and complex grooves. It is not surprising that former Brainfeeder talent Lorn decided to launch his most recent LP Ask the Dust on the celebrated label. Released in June, Lorn describes his newest album as being more “haunted” and less “cold” than his previous work. Possibly the most haunting track on the album is Weigh Me Down, and fortunately the tune just got re-released on Ninja Tune with a bevy of resounding remixes.

The original mix of Weigh Me Down (video below) is many things; dark, soulful, subtle, and sophisticated–but it also represents Lorn’s ambitious exploration of new sonic territory. For this tune, Lorn decided to lay down the vocal track himself, twisting and distorting his chorus into a semi-intelligible concerto. Combining this with the jarring dissonance of the song’s plucked strings and the curiously vague bassline results in a very lurid vibe indeed. Thankfully the dark bassline and haunting chorus passage made it into one of the remixes on the EP by fellow Brainfeeder alum Mono/Poly. This retooling is heavy on glitches and warped choir samples. Another great addition to this EP is a remix of Lorn’s tune Diamond by one of his former collaborators Dolor. Dolor has injected the remix with a copious amount of trap flavor–from stuttering 808 snares to bursts of closed hats, this tune is drenched in swagger. Check out the EP’s other remixes of Weigh Me Down on Beatport here.

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