Nov 24, 2013
A New Harmonic Rush
Harmonic Rush - Salvia (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

Over the past few years, there’s been a creeping influence of old school psytrance at the harder end of the trance spectrum. There’s something quite special about a banging 140bpm track full of mental synth and acid lines–it somehow captures the same feeling as a big uplifting riff without the melody. It’s a skill that is hard to perfect, but it’s been mastered by UAE born producer Milad Maleki, better known as Harmonic Rush.

His latest track, Salvia, is an excellent example of the style in question. There’s a stomping rhythm, lots of crazy synths, a drop with a Middle Eastern vocal sample, and some very catchy riffs. It’s music for a darkened night club lit only by a dozen strobe lights, or if you can get away with it, a darkened field at 3am with a sound system powered by a car battery. There’s something slightly rebellious about this style of dance music, and it has insane appeal as a result.

Out now on Monster Digital, Salvia needs to be dropped into your next DJ set, even if you don’t DJ–find a warehouse or a field, invite your friends, and lose yourself.

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