Jan 11, 2013
A New Dawn For Magnus
Magnus - Thread Ender (Original Mix) [Touchstone]
Magnus - Radiant Dawn (Original Mix) [Touchstone]

Psytrance has been making something of a comeback in recent years, with the complex rhythms and melodies of the early ’90s being infused with the solid production values of modern trance. A big part of this renaissance has been down to Seattle-based producer Magnus, who has seen a slew of releases on the likes of J00F and Perfecto Fluoro. Now he’s back with a new release on Solarstone’s Touchstone Recordings and fans will be pleased to hear it’s business as usual.

Thread Ender is typical Magnus, with a relentless driving rhythm, massive arpeggios, soaring synths and manic acid lines that combine to give the track an out-of-this-world atmosphere. It’s notoriously difficult to achieve, yet through impressive arrangement and stunning sound design, Thread Ender combines a perfect mix of the melodic and the serious–it’s as dark it gets, but is equally as uplifting, a juxtaposition Magnus seems to always master.

Thread Ender is out now on all major download stores, and as nice little bonus, features a B-Side in the shape of Radiant Dawn, which has been doing the rounds since last spring and finally sees a much deserved official release.

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