Feb 26, 2012
A Name to Remember
Atomic Reactor - The Universe Is At Your Fingertips (kLL sMTH Remix) [Prime Dub]
2Nutz - Crunk In Public (Original Mix) [Prime Dub]
kLL sMTH - Gnaardvark (Atomic Reactor Remix) [Prime Dub]

2Nutz’ new release certainly does have a name to remember; whether it’s for the mouthful of a name that the EP carries or the content within is up to you. Blapahedronous is the product of the marriage of some prominent glitch hop kingpins in the Colorado scene. We’ve been seeing a lot of hot bass music coming out of this area, and this EP serves as a fitting way to herald in Colorado’s rise in prominence as one of our nation’s glitch hop hotbeds.

Blapahedronous promises big sounds, and delivers in spades, showcasing the skills of kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor, the constituent minds between 2Nutz. The album comes with two tracks by the pair, and a solo track from each of the individual artists, complemented by remixes by the other. I really like that style of release, so I chose my favorites to share here. 2Nutz track Crunk in Public is especially excellent. I can’t wait to see more from these two, and out of the Colorado region in general.

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