Jun 03, 2011
A Mythological Touch
DJ Kharma - ResuRection (Antillas & Dankann Remix) [I Hate U]
Green & Falkner - Ceylan (Antillas & Dankann Remix) [Afterglow]
Pier Poropat & Adam Rickfors vs Antillas - Crooked Lightning (Antillas & Dankann Rework) [Pink Rabbit]

“On fire” is a understatement when it comes to Italian masterminds Luca Moretti and Emanuele Carrieri. Better known as Antillas & Dankann, the production duo collected ideas and offered the Midas touch to three amazing tracks. Starting off with DJ Kharma’s remake for PPK’s ResuRection, they took that classic space melody and wrapped it up into a delicious array of subtleties. They preserved the original’s soul and put together one of the best renditions I’ve heard in years.

Next up is Ceylan, a tune from Green & Falkner, a side project of Josh Green and Michel Luechinger (CEO of Tool Records). Antillas & Dankann step in to deliver an outstanding remix. I love it at around three minutes, where a massive “baseball” slide leads you into the break, then chord by chord it gradually builds back up into that deep, throbbing bassline.

Finally we have Antillas & Dankann’s rework to Antillas’ collaboration with Swedish pair Pier Poropat and Adam Rickfors, Crooked Lightning. It features a twisted groove and pulsing lead synth that absolutely captivate your emotions. Antillas & Dankann seemed to have pulled this off like it was completely effortless–a true testament to their skills.

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