Sep 11, 2010
A Monstrous Transformation
Professor Green feat Example - Monster (Camo & Krooked Remix)

Camo & Krooked are an Austrian pair well known for their beautifully melodic drum n’ bass burners. So, when they tried their hand at making some dubstep, what resulted is probably the best new dubstep track I’ve heard in weeks.

Forthcoming for release on October 3rd, Camo & Krooked’s remix of British rapper Professor Green’s Monster is just that; an absolute monster. It begins by building upon a single, haunting chorus:

I’ll give you everything you ever need… and find a way to turn you into a monster.
Me and you, we could rule the world, cause no one’s gonna mess with me and my monster.

Then, as dark chords and slow beats start to emerge through the layers, you realize it: You are the song’s intended victim. But it’s too late, and it drops. If you survive the soul-cleansing sonic baptism of the next few minutes, congratulations. You’ve just survived one of the most vicious productions any genre has ever cranked out.

It’s also the little details that make this track freaking brilliant. It’s how every element of the track comes together like flavors and textures in a fine dish. The transition from a vocal melody into rhythmic flux – also known as the drop – is neither abrupt or underwhelming. It’s heavy, intense and continuous. The feeling of flow throughout the song is tight. As the melancholy verse and chorus alternate, they bring into orbit around them all the parts of a masterful dubstep track. Don’t even think about listening just halfway; it drops even harder the second time around.

For a first foray into a genre, it’s simply stunning. The duo has had drum n’ bass) releases on the prestigious UK labels Hospital Records and Breakbeat Kaos however, so they’re definitely not untested. You’ve been, warned, though: if you listen, it just might turn you into a dubstep fiend.

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