Oct 31, 2013
A Matt Holliday Moment
Matt Holliday - Moments (Original Mix) [EVE]

Tech house is an interesting genre, as diverse as any other and with its own quirks that make it stand out. A techy groove–hence the name–and a hook of some sort are the norm, but while many are deep and even soulful, with most featuring an enormous bassline, that isn’t always the case, as Birmingham based producer Matt Holliday has proven here.

Moments is an interesting journey. The opening drums are groovy yet simple, when the bass kicks in it’s solid yet basic, the occasional synth hit makes the track sonically whole and while it makes for a piece of tech house it’s nothing inspired–it’s “a track” and there are many like it. That would be it, but when the riffs kick in, everything changes. You start to understand what this track is about, and that’s when it becomes clear that is actually something rather special.

Moments has something a lot of trance misses nowadays–as much as I love the genre–because it shows that emotion doesn’t just come with supersaws and massive reverbs. It’s a simple little hook at play here, both melodically and sonically, but there’s something very emotional about it, that sadness and euphoria all rolled into one. There’s something very nostalgic about it, which seems an odd thing to say about a brand new track, but it comes down to the understated euphoria and the hints of old-school progressive trance.

Maybe it’s the minor key, maybe it’s just the catchy hook, but Moments is a cracking example of what dance music can achieve with apparent ease and simplicity and it certainly isn’t one to miss.

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