Aug 12, 2010
A Life of Its Own
Jaga Jazzist - 220 V/Spektral (FINAL Mix) [Ninja Tune]

I’ve always been impressed by certain artists ability to take a song of one genre and translate it to the opposite side of the spectrum while still maintaining its identity. Sure, every house EP has a vocal house and progressive house remix on it these days, but I’m talking about a much wider spectrum: jazz to minimal. Uh huh.

If you’re not familiar with Jaga Jazzist, they are a very established Norwegian Jazz group. They blew up in 2002 when the BBC named their debut album the best jazz record of the year. Recently their sound has attracted the attention of Magnus August Hoiberg, aka FINAL out of Oslo, Norway. At only 22, FINAL has begun releasing BIG tracks under his own label, Finalbeats. His productions have ranged from electro to disco but I was still surprised to see his take on Jaga Jazzist to be so minimalistic.

Delving deeper into the song itself, it’s unfair of me to describe it as only minimalistic. At the core, FINAL’s remix of 220 V/Spektral is its a dramatic creature with its own delightful ups and sinister downs. While listening, the listener can either go on that ride or appreciate the song for its fine production skills and attention to detail. The melody of the tune is catchy and it really is unpredictable for a first time listener, but when it finally comes together towards the end of the song… bliss.

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