Jul 23, 2011
A Journey Through (You)r Ears
Eco feat Informant - Architextures (Part 2) [Armada]
Eco - Under Paper Skies (Album Version) [Armada]
Eco feat RadMila - Change the World (Album Version) [Armada]

Meet the man that has helped lead the trance rebellion into the new age alongside groundbreaking producers like Mat Zo, Breakfast, W&W, Arnej, and Arty. Late last summer, Marcello Pacheco, better known to us as Eco, assembled an incredible supporting cast to begin construction of his debut album, M(you)sic, featuring first single The Light in Your Eyes Went Out.

Not afraid to try now things, he’s introduced a LessThan3 favorite Informant in a mesmerizing two-part fusion of electronic Architextures, an artistic match orchestrated by our very own Toothless.
This 80-minute journey continues to blow the listener’s mind with tunes like Under Paper Skies, which features a synergy of enchanting vocals and complex melodies–quite the pure trance sound. He later Changes the World by presenting RadMila, a talented vocalist/songwriter from Moscow. Her voice seduces us, serving a tranquil performance followed by an epic peak-time melody.

As Eco best put it, “I want M(you)sic to be more than the sum of its parts, something that can only be truly understood, loved, or appreciated if heard from start to finish. I want it to be something that true all-around music lovers can listen to and say ‘WOW, that’s pretty good!'” M(you)sic takes no prisoners, delivering one of the most exhilarating journeys I’ve heard since Ferry Corsten’s Twice In a Blue Moon. He’s no longer New York’s uncut diamond, but perhaps the Pink Floyd of EDM. Be sure to catch the official album release party presented by Massive Event on July 31st in NYC at Hudson Terrace. Also, be sure to subscribe to his podcast The Sound of You(th) here!

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