May 10, 2012
A Hot Dose Of #Mindcontrol
Hot Sugar - #Mindcontrol (Original Mix) [Ninja Tune]

“*Sounds used* A human skull, a rat’s heartbeat, an 86 year old fully tattooed man’s voice, claps recorded in Notre-Dame de Paris, bottles breaking against a NYC power plant, Xaphoon Jones on a bass guitar, my voice.” If you’re not already intrigued, then you must not be breathing. #Mindcontrol, due out May 15th on the Moon Money EP via Ninja Tune, is the work of enigmatic New York City producer Hot Sugar, aka Nick Koenig. His method of recording every day objects and morphing them into melodies is what he deems “associative music;” from the sound of it, this genre might just be ready for a breakthrough.

The freshness of #Mindcontrol is evident from the beginning. Dreamy synths are layered over drunk beats that sway through your brain, evolving before you get a chance to figure out exactly what’s happening. Suddenly, a euphoric crescendo of space bass invades the ear canals, snaking through the track, controlling your thoughts exactly as Hot Sugar had hoped. A piece of musical insanity such as this wouldn’t be complete without a mind-blowing video, found here. Just a warning, it is terrifyingly awesome and highly NSFW, which probably makes you want to watch it even more. And to see exactly how Koenig makes his “associative music,” check out the video below.

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