Jul 25, 2010
A Healthy Infection
Infected Mushroom - Deck & Sheker
Infected Mushroom - Jeenge
Infected Mushroom - Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom
Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane

I wanted to kick off LessThan3 PsyTrance with a blast. To me, that meant a huge dose of none other than Infected Mushroom.

Technically, this track–Deck and Sheker– is a masterpiece that rivals the best Infected Mushroom I’ve heard in the past (note: The track can be downloaded for free by signing up for the newsletter on their website). That fact alone merits this track multiple listens. The one thing that didn’t quite make it for me is how separated the song feels from itself. While each section of the song relates to each other, the transitions (1:00, 3:07, 4:18, 5:44) didn’t live up to the high bar that Infected Mushroom has set for themselves. This feeling may have simply been due to the lack of vocals though. I’m tempted to call this more pys-house than psytrance because of the slower tempo (135 vs a lot of I.M. around 145) and some of the melodies, especially starting at 6:30.

Because I love what these guys have done over the past 10 years and look forward to many good years to come, I feel the need to bring back some of their older tunes. My favorite albums were Converting Vegetarians, Classical Mushroom, and Vicious Delicious (in that order). So for your listening pleasure, please enjoy Jeenge, Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom, and Becoming Insane. To top things off, added is a video of Killing Time remixed by Tel Aviv.

Be sure to comment on Infected Mushroom or any other pystrance artists that the rest of us should be aware of.

Photo: Daniel Roos, © 2008 www.bildskaparen.se

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