Jan 11, 2011
A Great Adventure
Feed Me - Grand Theft Ecstasy [Mau5trap]
Feed Me - Blood Red [Mau5trap]
Feed Me - Green Bottle [Mau5trap]

The expanding Mau5trap label is unstoppable, and it has now banged out another bomb with the release of Feed Me’s Big Adventure. Who is Feed Me? It’s Jon Gooch aka Spor, the veteran DJ/producer from Hertfordshire, England who showed up in our Top 25 Tracks of 2010. Following suit to Skrillex’s last EP, he’s put together an amazing eight-track EP composed of electro house and dubstep that will simply devour your soul.

In Grand Theft Ecstasy, Feed Me puts you on a groovy electro roller-coaster ride. He then travels into the filthy realm of dubstep with tune called Red Blood, where he showcases his versatility in production skills. You’ll likely notice there is a more melodic undertone to its structure than the previous track. Finally the deviant monster gives us a Green Bottle to wash it all down. It’s a dynamic tune filled with depth, melody, vocal samples, guitar leads, and even a trance-like rolling bassline @ 5:14. Can’t ask for any more!

Mau5trap has continuously surprised me, picking up artist after artist and delivering one unbelievable tune after another. Spor has attracted a lot of attention over the years in the drum’n’bass genre, but his side project Feed Me is bound to bring him big recognition in electro house and dubstep.

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