Dec 16, 2010
A Giant Sound
Giant - Swoosh (Original Mix) [H.E.N.C.H.]
Giant - Drumstick (VIP Mix) [H.E.N.C.H.]

Last week, when on the phone with British dub destroyer Flux Pavilion, I asked him about some of his own favorite up-and-coming electronic acts. For his own home turf of dubstep, he pointed straight to Circus Records newcomer Giant. The Russian trio from St. Petersburg has been cranking out monster tunes starting in 2008, and since then have released tracks on big UK dubstep labels like Dub Police and H.E.N.C.H. They’re residents of Russia’s biggest bassfests–Capital Bass and Bass Machine–where they’ve shared deck time with none other than Rusko and Benga, who very much support the Giant sound.

The VIP mix of Drumstick is dubstep at its cutting edge. Heavily endorsed by top acts like the aforementioned Rusko, it’s been dropping on dancefloors for the better part of the year already. With the VIP update, you’ve got undoubtedly one of the freshest dubstep tunes ever made. The B-side Swoosh is equally well-produced, and even darker than Drumstick. The hip-hop influences abound in Giant’s productions; low-riding basslines and well-paced beats give the tracks a definite swagger.

Ekta, Nersa and Enei are only twenty years old, but according to an interview from Big Up Mag, they’ve been at it for about four years–still newcomers by most standards. Yet, the young prodigies have already made big ripples in the dub pond. Their maturity is evident in what they have to say about production: “Less copying. More self-criticism.”

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