Nov 02, 2010
Documenting the Mafia
Swedish House Mafia - One (Original Mix) [New State]
Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke feat Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind (Original Mix) [Ultra]

Without a doubt, the Swedish House Mafia are quickly becoming the most recognizable dance music group in the world. These hardcore party animals rock the crowd like no other, especially now that they have a lot of new tracks to go around with the recent release of their album Until One. So when we learned they had a new documentary coming out this year on November 22nd, we spun around in our chairs.

Here in Beverly Hills, our crew had the chance to attend an exclusive pre-screening of the new Swedish House Mafia film Take One, directed by Christian Larson (trailer below). Just like their sets, this is no boring documentary, as it relentlessly clobbers the viewer in the face with roaring crowds, risque shots of the female form, and pounding beats. Not only does it grab the audience’s attention, but it thoroughly covers the personalities and backgrounds of members Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello.

Although Take One isn’t narrated, it does a spectacular job of chronologically covering their success from their number one Miami hit of 2009 Leave The World Behind to one of their latest monster tracks, One. The film even takes you behind the scenes to see how they produced One in the studio. This portion was particularly interesting because it’s very rare to see footage of how leading artists develop their music.

Take One makes a serious effort to cover who these incredible DJ/producers are as individuals and how they interact as a group. It definitely depicts the Swedish House Mafia as the type of dudes we all want to party with, but it also tells the more serious side of their story. Greece-born Steve Angello is actually quite the neat freak and perfectionist. Sebastian Ingrosso explains how he was never really a good student and pursued music as his passion. Axwell, otherwise known as Axel Hedfors, is also a family man who has a baby boy.

There is a definite overarching theme of how hardcore these dudes behave onstage, in the studio, and on tour. They curse and drink like sailors, love exotic cars, and they simply don’t stand for any bulls*** that their managers or event organizers impede their way with. Aside from all the macho attitude though, there is a part of the film that shows off the softer side of these party animals. One scene shows Sebastian in an airport on the way to a tour date discussing how he misses his family, and then it shows how the three begin to miss each other after touring separately.

Overall, Take One is a must-see for all fans of house music. It is truly a shame that there aren’t more documentaries like this that show who dance artists are as people. However, as the club scene grows, I’m placing my bets on more film directors discovering the worldwide love for electronic dance music.

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