Jul 25, 2013
A Different Shade Of Lange
Lange - A Different Shade Of Crazy (Original Mix) [Lange]

It’s a busy time for British producer Lange, with a label, touring, and a new album all keeping the trance legend busy over the summer. As mentioned in his interview with LessThan3 back in February, his forthcoming album, We Are Lucky People, is being revealed bit by bit before being released later this year. Tracks are being played live, snippets revealed online, progress reports via Twitter and of course there are the singles themselves.

The latest track hot from the studio is A Different Shade Of Crazy, a title that reveals a lot about the track itself. It’s an honest, down-to-earth instrumental track, but some creative flourishes that draw influence from a variety of genres. It’s an interesting journey, the intro initially suggests tech house, the rolling bassline has the feel of old-school trance. Things live up to the name by getting a little crazy before a break which is chilled, atmospheric and almost etheral, giving the track a total change of pace. The big riffs soon return though, before a drop which is dark, dirty and has hints of trance, techno and house all rolled into one.

Out now on his own Lange Recordings–who are quickly approaching their 100th release–A Different Shade Of Crazy shows that Lange is really exploring what he’s capable of while making this album and there’s surely plenty more exciting stuff to come. Follow the progress via the hashtag #WeAreLuckyPeople.

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