Feb 27, 2012
A Different Kind of EDM Film
DJ Premier & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra feat Nas - Regeneration (Original Mix)
Pretty Lights & Dr. Ralph Stanley feat LeAnn Rimes - Wayfaring Stranger (Original Mix)
Mark Ronson & Erykah Badu - A La Modeliste (Original Mix)

In association with the Grammys, Re:Generation is a documentary
about five DJs who “turn the tables on the history of music” by remixing, recreating
and re-imagining the five traditional styles of music. From hip-hop producer
DJ Premier composing Classical music with the Berklee Symphony Orchestra to
create Regeneration with Nas, to Skrillex (pictured, right) incorporating his distinctive
sound alongside rock legends The Doors (pictured, left) on Break’n A Sweat, this project strives to blur the
boundaries of genres.

Showing in select theaters only, we went behind the scenes to witness first-hand the
complications facing these producers. As one examples, it was much harder for Pretty Lights
to collaborate with country music. After deciding to do a remake of the country
classic Wayfaring Stranger, he had a difficult time communicating his new ideas to
the original vocalist, Dr. Ralph Stanley. You could feel the anxiety and frustration he felt
trying to change the lyrics this vocalist has been used to singing the same way for many
years. Instead, he took on an additional vocalist, LeAnn Rimes, who was more open to
musical regeneration.

The Crystal Method struggled slightly working R&B artist Martha Reeves to produce I’m Not Leaving. As they
explored the destruction and history of where Motown and R&B started in Detroit, it was
complicated for them to truly regenerate since she had a hard time trying to understand
the subtleties of electronic music. Meanwhile, Mark Ronson hooked up with Erykah
Badu to write and sing some jazzy vocals for A La Modeliste, a pairing that worked quite well.

The Doors and Skrillex collaboration was also an easy pairing since Skrillex
previously experienced producing music in the rock genre. It was quite comical when John
Densmore stated how he was “worrisome about the amount of people out there dancing
to machines.” What was pretty incredible to witness was The Doors producing a track for
the first time in thirty years!

Take a listen and download all of the tracks for free here.

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