Aug 27, 2010
A Cosmic Milestone
Cosmic Gate - F.A.V. (Arty Remix) [Black Hole]

German trance duo Nic Chagall and Stefan Bossems, better known as Cosmic Gate, have re-released a Deluxe Edition of their biggest album achievement to date Sign Of The Times which comes with fifteen stunning bonus tracks and five exclusive previously unreleased remixes to celebrate its success.

Over the past ten years Cosmic Gate have produced some of the most influential music to hit the world’s dancefloors. Sign Of The Times shows how these guys keep stretching the limits of modern electronic dance music, creating a perfect balance between progressive and trance. The album to me also represents their personal break-through and shift from their older hard trance mode to a more refined type of Cosmic Gate sound.

With the album re-release comes a freebie offer of Arty’s remix of F.A.V. from Black Hole Recordings via Beatport. Arty is a Russian DJ/Producer who got the honor of remixing this track, and he does an amazing job. Arty slips in a groovier bassline giving the track more meat and a darker landscape. While he does soften up the techy synths a tiny bit, it gives the track a much smoother flow, stretching your emotions more and more through each phase.

Cosmic Gate’s Sign Of The Times Deluxe Edition will definitely be an amazing addition to your collection of EDM, so go get your free F.A.V. (Arty Remix) right now, and be sure to check out the rest of the album!

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