Sep 29, 2012
A Confident Progression
Trimbal - Confidence (Harmonimix) [R&S]

James Blake continues to impress as his underego Harmonimix takes on Trimbal’s Confidence Boost, hitting the humble grand slam we’ve somewhat grown to expect from the English producer.

What at first seems like a mere touchup to a poetic rap tune quickly turns into a brazen, emotional ballad. I’ve never seen him work with hip-hop vocals before but everything about this tune is so James Blake and, independently, so good. Raw organ chords fill the air as Blake offers Trimbal’s 8-bit, chipmunked cousin acting as a backup to the original vocals. Blake’s sound finds itself in bolder territory here, but when it comes down to it, he’s just as comfortable in doing. Thanks to R&S for finally getting this one out; feel free to swing over to Beatport and grab the full release.

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