Aug 07, 2010
A Case Of Nostalgia – A Classic Returns
Taylor & Close - Cafe Del Mar 2010 (Original Mix) [CGI]

Some of you probably saw the track in this post and are going, “Oh God, not another Cafe Del Mar remix!” But you might be pleasantly surprised.

Taylor & Close’s 2010 interpretation brings a fun and fresh twist to this amazing trance classic. The original was released in 1993 by German trance duo Energy 52 – you can watch the official video in this post. The track is named after the famous bar located in the western coast of Ibiza. Visitors regularly pack the bar to enjoy breathtaking sunsets and chill Balearic music. The track’s poignant melody is so timeless – a true reflection of trance’s ability to lift your soul. Since the original track’s release, there’ve been countless remixes with only a handful of really good ones to show for. Interestingly enough, every remix that releases year after year exemplifies how production techniques have improved throughout the last couple of decades.

The 2010 remix brings a hard electro edge to the track. Although it’s certainly not the be-all end-all of remixes, it’d definitely be a great track to drop in a live set!

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