Nov 22, 2010
A Case For Marco V-ism
Marco V - Godd (Original Mix) [ID&T]
Marco V - Godd (Booty Mix)

Who knew that LessThan3 favorite Marco V had a past life as a hard trance producer? That’s right; way back in 2002 Mr. V released the destructive Godd under popular hard dance label and events company ID&T, and to this day they consider it one of their biggest hits. It’s no surprise; the vocal in this track, coupled with the beyond-annihilating bass pulse, is nothing short of mesmerizing. What really keeps the track at a hypnotic level is the theme of the lyrics, which questions the listener’s belief in the many traits imposed on the idea of a God, and then ends with a simple question: or do you believe in me? I guess you could call it divinely sexy.

I didn’t actually hear the original mix of this song first, though. Recently, a new “booty mix” of the track released, and it dwells in quite a different genre–techy prog house. It is a completely different take on the original, but it is equally aurally satisfying, with drastic drops into pointed synths taking the listener on a roller-coaster ride of soundscapes. Ferry Corsten and Myon & Shane 54 have already been playing it in their sets, so I imagine the anonymity of the producer of this track will soon come to an end. Anyone out there know who produced it? Hit me up with a comment!

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