Mar 06, 2011
A Blast of Canned Goodness
French Fries - Charlotte (Canblaster Remix) [Youngunz]
Style of Eye - Homeless (Canblaster Remix) [Fool's Gold]

It’s always impressive to me when an artist goes and produces something completely unlike anything else I’ve heard from them before, and I’m pretty confident that this is the most extreme case of that scenario that I have ever encountered. The last time we posted about Canblaster was way back in 2010 with his insane track Chicken Run, which definitely got a ton of laughs on the dance floor due to its…well…just listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. His new remix of Charlotte by French Fries could not sound any more different. The man becomes a musical scrapbook juggernaut as he rip-roaringly tears pieces of other genres of music and melds them together into a truly unique piece.

This also serves as the perfect opportunity to introduce another excellent work of his–a remix released last year of Style of Eye’s Homeless. This track yet again proves this producer’s versatility and talent as he experiments with a sort of J-pop sound. I’m giddy with anticipation of hearing this track live–can you imagine what kind of reaction it would get? Can’t wait to hear more from this guy.

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