Aug 31, 2010
A Beautiful Lie
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP (Original Mix) [Hospital]

As a teenager, Matus Lenicky ate up the big beat grooves of Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy. Now, he lists among his favorite artists psy-mongers Shpongle and Infected Mushroom. He also happens to love movie scores.

The world currently knows Matus as B-Complex. Intricate, eccentric and deep, his productions call upon a bevy of zany influences. Yet the Slovakian brings a remarkably original feel to his drum n’ bass–Beautiful Lies has a dangerously unorthodox break running over it. Actually, nothing about the song feels “typical” at all. The dark harmonies, spliced vocals and grinding basslines all seem to hail from different genres. It makes it all the more amazing to simply listen to the song and find it uplifting and airy, rather than intensely dramatic.

Beautiful Lies was actually a demo sent to a Hospital Records music project where songs were sent to an instant messaging inbox and proceeds from the downloads would be given to charity; this particular song was the star of the project, selling well over ten thousand copies. Now, after a rework and remaster, it’s ready to be unleashed again.

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