Jul 31, 2014
8 Freebies From Fool’s Gold ‘Draft Picks’
TroyBoi - Till The AM [Fool's Gold]
Shash'U - Thru Da Night [Fool's Gold]
Salva feat. Scotty B & Astronomar - 3rd World [Fool's Gold]

Ready your inner child. In keeping with the label’s love for nostalgia and sports, Fool’s Gold Records released the Draft Picks digital compilation today, showcasing their newest artists in the form of rookie cards complete with stats and MP3s.

The imaginative BitTorrent bundle offers official free downloads of new and recent tunes from the likes of Giraffage, gLAdiator, and more. The bundle also includes a long, thin, pink Facebook cover image, making it the closest some will ever come to splitting open one of the bubblegum dust-covered card packs of yore. Hang on to those rookie cards too, because like Mos Def put it, “after this year, the price ain’t comin’ down.”

The eight-track pack treats fans to a swerving, string-laden new trap production from TroyBoi and some brand new twerk-ready booty club from Salva featuring Fool’s Gold regs Scottie B and Astronomar. Shash’U shares a mean-muggin’ take on the contrastingly joyous contemporary or “future” trap beats currently in vogue, while Giraffage gives out Be With You, an instrumental version of his Ignition remix.

High Klassified contributes Hyrule Kastle, his ominous ode to the home of Link’s royal family, and gLAdiator gifts us a copy of the duo’s recently released soundtrack to a rapidly deteriorating Assembly Line. Hoodboi brings his Bug-A-Boo remix that surfaced a few weeks prior, and Brenmar rounds us out with a copy of February’s Medusa, an intimate R&B jam with sizzling subject matter.

Pick up the entire “pack” with 8 cards and MP3s in addition to the nifty bubblegum FB cover art in the frame below.