Jun 17, 2015
7 Reasons Why We Loved Splash House 2015
Taches feat. PB Kaya - Prints Of Whales (Original Mix)
Bakermat - Teach Me (Original Mix)
TEEMID feat. Joie Tan - Crazy (Gnarles Barkley Cover)
Du Tonc - Darkness (Original Mix)

When it comes to desert festivals, our minds immediately dart to the Goldenvoice behemoth Coachella Music Festival, but a younger contender Splash House festival is vying for our attention as a new, rising desert favorite. Only in its third year of operation, the fledgling Splash House has already seen considerable growth through multiple venue changes, expanding from a one weekend to two weekend affair and adopting bigger after parties.

We had the opportunity to attend the first weekend of Splash House this past June 13-14 and wanted to share the reasons why this pool party extravaganza deserves to be on your festival radar.

1. Underrated Talent

pat lok splash house

It’s not often that you can enjoy so many underrated artists in a single location. Typically these artists don’t tour that often, and when they do, they’re given the difficult weekday slots in clubs that many fans in the working force simply cannot make. Splash House solved this issue last weekend by booking a bevy of tropical house, nu disco, and house artists on their lineup. From the California debut of Spanish producer Taches, to the rare Du Tonc set that had both Matt van Schie and Mighty Mouse performing together, Splash House delivered on its promise to bring in the best in up-and-coming talent.

2. Guaranteed Pool Access

If you’ve been to Coachella Music Fest, you are well aware of the unrelenting heat and know that respite comes in the form of limited A/C tents or off-site pool parties (though oftentimes exclusive invite-only events). Splash House is split between three venues: the Hilton Hotel, Saguaro Hotel, and the Hacienda Cantina. And the best part–they all have a pool! Less than 10 minutes between each location via the festival’s free shuttles, you can escape the heat and still enjoy the main festivities.

3. Balcony Views

saguaro balcony

Guests lucky enough to score a room with a poolside view between the two hotel locations in Splash House’s repertoire–the Saguaro Hotel and the newly added Hilton–could comfortably enjoy the entire fest from their room balcony. It’s definitely an added perk when the cool, inviting air from your room’s A/C offers shelter from the afternoon’s most sweltering heat.

4. The Crowd

splash house crowd

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by men and women who are scantily clad in nothing but a bathing suit? You can’t escape the heat when it comes to Palm Springs, at its weekend peak temperatures soared as high as 108 degrees June 13-14. The advantage to the heat and the pool locale was that attendees have no choice but to don their favorite swimwear for the entire weekend and galavant between pools.

5. Two Weekends With Unique Lineups


Missing June’s Splash House means that you also missed out on performances from headliners Bakermat (pictured above with his live saxophonist), Cashmere Cat and Thomas Jack, but the August leg of the festival promises another stellar lineup with Klingande, Matoma, Shiba San and more as headliners. You can purchase your weekend two ticket here.

6. Hotel Package Deals

While it might seem pricey to head to a festival where the comfort of your own bed or cheap festival camping after the event is not an option, Splash House hotel deals are fairly reasonable. On their own, weekend tickets are $115, while the cheapest hotel package starts at $180.

7. Bigger After Parties

splash house after parties

In its first few years of operation, Splash House championed the impromptu, after-hours get-togethers in the hotel lobbies with the some of afternoon artists taking over the decks for the night. This year they up’d their game to have officially sanctioned off-site parties on Friday through Sunday, and they booked artists not on the original roster. The only downside was that the after parties came at an extra $20 dollars, but it also meant that friends not able to attend the sold-out day fest could enjoy the consolation after-hours.