Oct 21, 2014
6 Best Things We Found At Treasure Island Music Festival
Ryan Hemsworth feat. Golden Dawn - Snow In Newark (Original Mix) [Last Gang]
Empire Of The Sun - Alive (Zedd Remix)
Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap (Original Mix) [Downtown]

Just about a 10-minute drive from the busy streets of San Francisco there lies a peaceful and quaint landmark called Treasure Island. The man-made island originally created as a naval base now holds a marina, a flea market, a winery, and one weekend every October, it’s home to the hidden gem of California music festivals–Treasure Island Music Festival.

With stunning views of the San Francisco skyline, plenty of local food and art, and headliners like OutKast and Alt-J, this year’s two-day party certainly didn’t disappoint. There’s plenty of loot to be discovered, so here’s our six top things we experienced on the island.

1. XXYYXX Bringing Sexy Back


With an uncanny ability to blur the lines between electronic and R&B, 18-year-old producer XXYYXX had everyone swaying to his entrancing, downtempo beats during an early afternoon set.

2. Ryan Hemsworth Dropping Kanye West


He’s put his funky, dreamy synthpop spin on hits by everyone from Lorde to the Backstreet Boys, so naturally Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth knew just how to get the crowd going wild by dropping Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West.

3. Classixx Throwing A Giant Dance Party


No one puts on a live act quite like nu disco outfit Classixx. Playing hits such as I’ll Get You and Holding On while the sun set on a perfect, cloudless day, the duo had everyone on their feet as they performed under a bed of fluorescent light.

4. Zedd Causing An Earthquake


Up until about 7 p.m. on Saturday, the day had been relatively mellow, fueled by smooth guitar chords and crab meat-covered french fries. That all changed when Zedd took over the mainstage. For an hour, the Grammy-winning producer dropped high-energy remixes of everyone from Magic! to Coldplay, with bass so powerful it felt like he might just break the island right in half.

5. BANKS Unleashing The Crowd’s Inner Goddess


She’s dark, she’s sexy, and her stage presence is dynamic. Strutting around in all black attire, Jillian Banks belted out an emotional and captivating set of tracks from her debut album Goddess, and even treated fans to an acoustic version of her hit Warm Water.

6. Chet Faker Giving Every Girl Goosebumps


It might be his glorious Aussie beard, but more likely it’s his infectious voice and undeniable talent as a producer and live musician that had every girl on the island swooning over Chet Faker. Playing hits from his new album Built On Glass and his sensational cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity, he captivated everyone with his edgy chillwave sound and silky smooth vocals.