Mar 24, 2014
5 People You’ve Probably Met At A Deep House Show
DJ Hanzel feat. Dillon Francis - Deep Talks Pt. Eins

Different types of music attract different types of fans, and deep house shows are always full of interesting characters. We decided to pick five that you’re likely to stumble across at one of these late-night shows. Whether it’s an illegal warehouse party or a legit club, no one is safe. From that one random raver to the guy who’s too cool for everything, we hit all the major categories. See for yourself who made our list. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments.

1. The Know-It-All

deep house bro

The Know-It-All comes in different forms, but one thing they all have in common is that they are each holier than thou. Oftentimes, this person is younger than you, possibly an undergrad, but you’d swear he or she earned their doctorate in deep house. And then there’s that one old guy, the one who went to school with Robert Owens and will tell you, without a doubt, that the best time for deep house was the Summer of ’97 (before you grew pubes).

2. The Random Raver

light show

The Random Raver is easy to spot thanks to the overwhelming neon gear adorning his/her body among the throng of black garb. You will likely see arm-covering kandi, along with a pair of light gloves and maybe even a handkerchief covering their face. The oddest part about it? There will only be one of them. However, that one person represents more than a glowing, bead-covered flesh sack. They represent the ghosts of ravers past, annoyingly reminding everyone that, at one time, they too dressed like that and wore beaded bracelets to trade like Pokemon cards. It’s a lot easier to simply embrace the PLUR and accept the fact that you were also a raver at one time. Expect hugs, handshakes, compliments… and one last hug.

3. Somehow Ended Up Here

got lose

You’re outside smoking with a friend when you’re approached by a cute girl to bum a cigarette. When you ask her if she’s seen Maya Jane Coles before, she responds, “Oh, I don’t know who he is. I just ended up here.” You’re initially baffled (especially because females can often be few and far between in this scene), but then you quickly reminisce about the first time you “wound up” at a deep house show. Phrases like, “What’s a kick drum?” and, “Isn’t Dubfire a reggae group?” came out of your own mouth. Don’t deny it.

4. Afterhours Regular

party hard

He’s sweaty, he’s dancing, and he’s full of energy… he is the Afterhours Regular. He knows about all the after-shows, after-parties, and the after-after-parties. He’s also the reason why they stop serving alcohol after a certain time.

5. Mr. Too Cool

deep house cool

You can expect to see Mr. Too Cool standing on the dance floor wearing horn-rimmed sunglasses, silently scoffing at the crowd pulsating around him. He is perfectly illustrated by Dillon Francis’ hilarious deep house alter ego, DJ Hanzel, who is mainly hilarious because these types of people actually exist. No one is safe from Mr. Too Cool’s overwhelming scorn. Nothing is ever deep enough for his astute musical palette. It still remains a mystery as to why he even shows up to begin with.