Jul 15, 2015
3X PREMIERE: The Maniax – Moombahton Reloaded EP [T&A]
The Maniax - Gettin' Buck (Original Mix) [T&A]
The Maniax - Here We Go (Original Mix) [T&A]
The Maniax - Mash It Up (Original Mix) [T&A]

With moombahton’s creator Dave Nada now based in LA, the progression of the sound in its home of Washington, DC is placed in the hands of producers like Rukus & Syco, aka The Maniax. LessThan3 is proud to premiere three of the latest sounds from the tropical bass-loving duo off their new Moombahton Reloaded EP via Tittsworth and DJ Ayres’ T&A Records.

Gettin Buck does just that, the minor-key horn stabs cutting through the squelching synths and dembow riddim. Here We Go packs a funky punch in its bottom end, and of the trio, it’s the most soulful of the peak hour-ready grooves. As well, Mash It Up combines the sounds of dancehall and cumbia, which as a pairing familiar to the genre creates a familiar booty-grabbing sound.

Pick up The Maniax’ entire Moombahton Reloaded EP July 16 from T&A Records.