Jul 14, 2015
3X PREMIERE: DI – All I Know + 2 Remixes
DI - All I Know (Original Mix)
DI - All I Know (Latchmere Remix)
DI - All I Know (Ben Dooks Remix)

Move over Marshmello; scoot over UZ. There’s a new mystery musician in our midst, and she goes only by DI. All we know about London’s DI is largely limited to her debut release, All I Know, premiering exclusively on LessThan3.

As has been the case with other mystery acts, DI strives to shed her physical image to afford her music more of the spotlight. As a result, the closest we get to meeting the shrouded songstress is hearing her voice as she provides her own vocals for her official debut. Beneath her airy crooning churn warm eddies of Balearic piano house with enough dynamics and detail to have us as excited for her production capabilities as we are for her angelic pipes.

All I Know is melancholic EDM overdosing on magic,” DI told LessThan3 via email. “I hope you enjoy this mystically inclined playlist and find the misty skyline.”

Her four-item single also includes three remixes, two of which are streaming above, exclusively via LT3. Fellow Londoner Latchmere leans on a new string melody to match the piano from the original for an extremely laid-back look at DI’s debut. Ben Dooks, from down the road in Hull, UK, goes a bit deeper on his take with somber breakdowns while still showcasing the original’s punchy piano melody.

DI will release her four-item All I Know single package Aug. 21.

DI all i know