Aug 16, 2010
<3 @ Wolfgang Gartner & Harvard Bass
Harvard Bass - Caked (Original Mix) [Sound Pellegrino]
Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]

A couple of nights ago Phange and I had the very special pleasure of seeing the one and only Wolfgang Gartner. This is a man that needs no introduction. He’s one of the hottest producers right now with singles like Undertaker, Conscindo, and his classic, Fire Power. We made the journey from the quiet suburbs of Irvine, CA to the heart of LA to see not only him, but the up-and-coming DJ Harvard Bass as well. After waiting in a ridiculously long line outside the club for two hours, we finally got in. What ensued was an evening full of what one can only describe as “electro-death”.

The venue was absolutely packed when we entered. Even though we had bought presale tickets, we almost didn’t get in because the club was already at capacity. Needless to say, being on the dancefloor was like being in a sardine can full of sweaty clubbers. That being said, we still had a blast. The club, Avalon, is known for its killer sound system and impressive lighting. There were multiple levels flooded with people jumping up and down and fist pumping. Why was everyone getting down so early in the evening? Two words: Harvard Bass. This guy tore it up. Utilizing a very unique set of tracks, he absolutely smashed the place. It was his brash amalgamation of electro, minimal, and techno that got everyone beyond pumped. Phange and I noted that he didn’t play any vocal tracks; it was all non-stop, booming bass layered with robotic synth and some naughty-ass drops. Check out the video attached to this post to see him in action.

I honestly thought that Harvard Bass would be hard to match after such a great set. Wolfgang took this thought, stomped all over it, and then shat on it. He was AMAZING. There were so many moments where Phange and I looked at each other with our mouths gaping open in awe. Wolfgang jumped right into his set with Undertaker and continued on with a plethora of epic electro-house tracks that we had never before heard (save his own tunes). I think that’s what I enjoyed so much about this set – every song, every drop, was a surprise to me. Not only that, but he was a beast on the decks. He worked the crowd to a massive effect. In a huge, 2-story room overflowing with people going bat-shit insane, the term “poppin” was an understatement. People went especially crazy when he dropped his own songs like Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony and his mashup of Fire Power with Skream’s remix of Going in for the Kill. I honestly don’t think I’m overexaggerating when I say it was one of the best sets I’ve seen all year. Phange, having seen Wolfgang earlier in his career, said that he’s evolved so much since he last saw him. I agree; his recent productions certainly have developed from the days of Montezuma, as have his skills as a DJ. All-in-all, it was a great night. If last night’s performance is any indication of the direction Wolfgang is going in (which it undoubtedly is), then I predict that he will continue to achieve immense success in the future. Phange and I give him an A+ performance.