Dec 20, 2011
<3 on Sinjin's Side
Sinjin Hawke - Shadows (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Sinjin Hawke - Love Is on Your Side (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]

Out this past week on Pelican Fly is a new EP from the likes of Sinjin Hawke called The Lights. Not much is known about the Montreal artist, but judging from the music, this guy is on a level of his own. The EP is eight tracks long (including an outro), and is really tight from front to back. Sinjin’s sound is somewhere between future nu disco and UK-funky, but is best described as a festive, triumphant eargasm.

The Lights kicks off with Shadows which, like the recent Kill The Noise EP, opens up with the live crowd clapping into the album’s first drop. This is a song you’ve gotta sit on and chill to for a minute or so, but when the track gets going, it’s funky, heavy, and just something you downright wanna get your swerve on to. My personal favorite track on the EP is Crystal Dust, as it clearly has the most swagger of the lot. The track ends up being all over the place with purposely awkward breakdowns and big hip hop-style beats and horns, but in the end comes together quite magnificently. The last track I get the privilege of sharing with you guys is Love Is on Your Side, which takes a chiller approach to the Sinjin formula. The melody finds itself calmly wandering around a sweet vocal sample, creating a pre-bedtime head-rocker of a tune. I’m awfully impressed with what Sinjin has given us in his first handful of releases. While this guy doesn’t really fit into a specific genre or scene, he’s definitely a name to watch going into 2012.