Oct 10, 2010
LessThan3 @ Kaskade Dynasty Tour
Samantha James - Waves Of Change (Kaskade Remix) [OM]
Kaskade vs Swedish House Mafia - Fire In Your New Shoes vs One (Kaskade Mashup)
Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love (Original Mix) [Ultra]

A few nights ago Electric One and I had the pleasure of attending Kaskade’s Dynasty Tour at the Hollywood Palladium, and all I can say is WOW. Laying down beats from his whole discography as well as sick mashups like One vs Fire In Your New Shoes, Kaskade made it a night to remember. He played everything ranging from tracks off his newest dance.love compilation to classics from Strobelight Seduction. Not only that, but the sound system and visuals were outstanding. It was the most impressive light show I’ve seen in a small venue as of yet. Huge LED screens, beautiful lights, and umbrella-carrying dancers on stilts made for an impressive display. But of course, what about the music? Well, let’s take a closer look.

One of the tracks that stood out to me was his mashup of Wolfgang Gartner’s Undertaker with his own Steppin’ Out. I have actually talked about that track on this site before, but the live throwdown deserves honorable mention. The crowd went absolutely nuts when he dropped this one. Intense electro beats coupled with sexy lyrics filled the room with pure fire.

Another track he dropped that blew me away was one of his newer ones–his remix of Waves of Change by Samantha James. This song, in essence, is Kaskade’s sound: sexy beats and audaciously gorgeous vocals that create an aura of heartfelt progression. Waves is definitely one of my favorites off of dance.love. The crowd went into a state of serine electricity as he played this one at the perfect moment.

The last track that deserves mentioning is actually not by Kaskade, but rather another housemaster, Alex Gaudino. It’s one that many are familiar with–I’m In Love. Featured on dance.love as the closing track, I’m In Love contains a beautiful melody that has even the most curmudgeonly of people wanting to write poetry. Kaskade dropped this one and had the whole room singing aloud, “I’m in love, I’m in love!” It was a site to see. For this plus many other great tracks he played that night, check out…well, his whole discography, but specifically dance.love–that will give you a sense of what his most recent sound is like.

In all, The Dynasty Tour was an amazing experience. Having seen Kaskade plenty of times before, I can say this was the best set I’ve ever seen him lay down. His skill as a DJ equally matches his innovation and ability as a producer. If you get a chance to see one of the Dynasty Tour shows, I suggest you take it. Keep on the look out for some sure-to-be-big releases from Kaskade; after all, he is one of the hottest DJs in the game right now. Until then, I leave you with vocal bliss. Enjoy!