Jul 09, 2015
2X PREMIERE: Daktyl – Cyclical LP (Phazz + Saturn Remixes) [Mad Decent]
Daktyl - Forgettable (Phazz Remix) [Mad Decent]
Daktyl - Cyclical (Saturn Remix) [Mad Decent]

Rising dream bass and “future” R&B star Daktyl dropped his delectable debut album Cyclical on Mad Decent in April, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of new remixes by two talented contemporaries in Phazz (pictured right) and Saturn.

First up is Phazz, whose twisting, warped brand of bass music sitting akin to sounds like Cashmere Cat saw a new high point last year with the Phazz Edition of MØ’s Don’t Wanna Dance at over a million plays. For his latest remix, Phazz digs into Daktyl’s low-rumbling R&B groove Forgettable and lifts it into future bass land with steadily flowing walls of synth, some added drums, and a little toying with Evan Mellows’ verse–soothing and beautiful.

Honors of remixing the title track go to Saturn, whose apt self-description of “lubby dubby stuffy” is as much in play as his extraterrestrial persona in the remix, which sounds further away than the sixth planet. Saturn takes the slow-burning ballad into deep space without speeding it up at all, instead adding cavernous echoes, strange, distant voices; and warm waves of synth like a benevolent tractor beam. Resistance is futile.

Both remixes will be included on the seven-track Cyclical Remixes EP along with Machinedrum, Slow Magic, Felon, and more. Find the tracklist below, and pick up a copy when it releases July 10.

Cyclical Remixes
1. Stay (Machinedrum Remix) [feat. Dive Deep]
2. Forgettable (Slow Magic Remix) [feat. Evan Mellows]
3. Forgettable (Phazz Remix) [feat. Evan Mellows]
4. Stay (Felon Remix) [feat. Dive Deep]
5. Cyclical (Saturn Remix) [feat. SPZRKT]
6. Stay (Thibault Remix) [feat. Dive Deep]
7. Cyclical (Gillepsy Remix) [feat. SPZRKT]

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